Monday, December 1, 2008

Upcoming Videos on SkillTV

If you have been watching, you know that we have been quite busy researching the Maintenance Crisis and uncovering challenges, the opportunities, and solutions to these critical issues that affect us all. We have visited Chicago, Ill, Cleveland, Ohio, HighPoint, NC, Washington, DC, Brussels, Belgium, Amsterdam, Holland, Milan, Italy.

Stay tuned in coming weeks as we share several more inciteful interviews with industry experts, governmental leaders, maintenance technicians and other interesting resources.

For example, we will be releasing a video from the SMRP Conference with industry experts: Terry Wireman, author of numerous engineering books and dozens of articles, Wayne Vaughn, former maintenance manager with Harley Davidson, and Kahn Ellis, former technology leader with SAP, all currently work with Vesta Partners. They sat down with SkillTV Host, Joel Leonard, and had an informative discussion about the challenges in Maintenance.

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