Tuesday, December 23, 2008

News Break: More Maintenance Crisis Song Versions in the works

While in Dubai, Joel Leonard shared with Middle East Maintenance Managers Conference the Maintenance Crisis Songs. Several oil refineries, water desalinization plants maintenance leadership loved the songs. So much so that they have offered to translate the lyrics into Arabic and locate Arabic musicians to record an Arabic Version of the song.

As Joel said over 6 years ago, the Maintenance Crisis Song has no borders, the message affects us all so everyone needs to hear it. Therefore, he is delighted that they are willing to exert the effort to join in the crusade against the Maintenance Crisis.

Also in the JW Marriott Hotel was a German restaurant that had live musicians from Berlin performing to entertain the diners. They too, have offered to perform a Polka version of the song. So the message continues to grow and expand so that more efforts to fix it forward are mobilized.

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