Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dr. Keen shares his vision

Dr. Larry Keen, president of Fayetteville Technical Community College shares his educational vision of utilizing i3D technologies to accelerate learning and workforce development. He met with the group of industry experts that SkillTV recently invited to FTCC to explore some of this new technologies.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

FLIR- shares Hot Technology

During the Fayetteville Tech Technology exploratory, we had the pleasure of introducing educational and business leaders to the power of Infrared. During this taping FLIR's Jeff Dale hooked up a FLIR camera and we alternated throughout the discussion to the video and infrared camera. Check out Joel Leonard's hand print left after he touched his chest and how dark the cold water was depicted in infrared. Also see how the white heat of his eyes after removing his glasses. Although fun to play with, this technology helps companies uncover serious energy loss and can make a signficant impact to the bottom line.
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"What if..."

You will want to see this intriguing discussion with A3 Technologies, Alan Morris as he brainstorms on possible real world applications for 3d technologies in inventory and warehouse management. After viewing you will be asking "What if..."
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Going Airborne "Ultrasonically speaking"

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Adrian Messer of UE Systems shared with Joel Leonard the latest Airborne Ultrasound technologies during the special SkillTV Technology Taping at FTCC. Adrian pointed out that companies typically get payback from the purchases of ultrasound leak detectors within the first month if not the first day.

Compressor Technologies Reduce Costs

Patricia Del Buono of Atlas Copco Compressors explained to Joel Leonard that there are lots of opportunities to leverage technology of compressors to reduce energy and costs. Check SkillTV in the coming weeks to see this interesting discussion.
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Animated Alignment discussion on SkillTV

Above is a collage of the vibrant discussion Joel Leonard had with Paul Berberian of Alignment Supplies. Paul stated that close to 50% of all rotating equipment failures can be traced back to misaalignment. Check back to SkillTV in the coming weeks to see this and other interesting discussions filmed at the new SkillTV partner Fayetteville Technical Community College campus.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

More Prizes for the Fix It Forward Photo Contest

This contest is more than just taking pictures of kids working on equipment but hopefully it will inspire more to help us Fix It Forward by building future pipeline of skilled workers.

Below is an email I got from Ralph "Pete" Peters, founder of the Maintenance Excellence Institute. He believes so much in our efforts that he is donating prizes to the cause.

See his email below-- pardon the all caps but he wrote this while on a blackberry. Thanks Pete! Hopefully more will respond to this opportunity to help Fix It Forward!


Ralph W. "Pete" PetersFounder & President: The Maintenance Excellence Institute-6809 Foxfire Place, Suite 100, Raleigh, North Carolina 27615 -2625 East Beach Drive, Oak Island, North Carolina 28465Office: 919-270-1173 Direct Cell: 919-280-1253Web: Skype: PRIDEnWorkE-Mail: &

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Extending Fix It Forward Photo Contest Submission to August 25th

Three year-old Baker Leonard is wondering why everyone is not busting down the barn doors to submit their pictures for the Fix It Forward Contest.
We have gotten a few but to have a true contest, we need lots more photos for viewers to evaluate.
So we have extended submission date till August 25th and will post entries on the 26th for judging. Send entries to
Winners will be announced on Labor Day.
So as Baker says "quit sitting around and let's get busy building future skilled workers."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Send your pics in NOW for Fix It Forward Photo Contest

Send pics of future Skilled Workers to by August 20th, 2009.
We will then post them and allow viewers to vote for their favorite.
The Top 3 will win special prizes provided by