Friday, October 31, 2008

Are you certified?

The difference between a wiener and a winner is just a couple of letters.

This morning I proctored Wayne Pulliam's CPMM Exam. He passed with flying colors. However, this activity got me thinking. How many of us are or going to get certified? That is the quickest method to upgrade and advance our profession and your careers.

As we discovered recently, even the new symbol of skilled tradesmen, Joe The Plumber, does not have a license.
So that we can better fight for resources, more of us need to get certified.
Having an outside governing body ratifying that you have acheived professional qualifications can definitely open up doors and help you succeed in your current position. I have proctored dozens of pros in the past and the biggest benefit, I have seen is the boost in confidence and inner satification of knowing that you are certified pro. Plus most have seen a significant increase in their paycheck.

If interested in earning your certification, check,,, or perhaps the, especially if your company has European interests.
So go ahead drive your career. By the way, saw the vehicle above this summer in DC. Lots of wieners are inside the beltway! Ok, that is totally different blog post.
Just remember this, more money a year can buy more Belgian (Budweiser) Beer!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Chunkin Now - Future Engineers later

Above is a pic from The Great Heads of Statesville Exit Poll in 2004. We are in the process of uploading videos and pics from Friday's 2008 Exit Poll. Several of these kids got turned on about engineering and pursued their degrees from NCSU Engineering School. Although unconventional, this is a proven method of building a future workforce pipeline.

Check out the news at

Video that explains purpose of this unique event.

Sneak Peak at SMRP Exhibition

Above is Russ Kratowicz and Michael Connaughton learning about the latest predictive technologies from exhibitors of the SMRP Conference.

Fore- Warning Experts phasing out

Above is a picture of longtime proactive maintenance management proponent, Jack Nicholas. He spoke at this year's SMRP conference but announced that he is going to be phasing out to enjoy his retirement.

So not only do we no longer have skilled workers available, we are also losing our trusted resources. So as we fight the maintenance crisis, we not only need more workers, but also need more practioners mentoring with advisors.

Deferred Maintenance is not Preferred Maintenance

Russ Kratowicz, editor of points out this homemade leak collection system. While this is an ingenious response, it does not correct the problem and actually continues the potential threat for black mold and potential legionnaires disease outbreaks. Hopefully the leaders will of the Cleveland Convention Center will correct this issue soon.
After attending the SMRP banquet in the music hall, this facility is truly a historic marvel and needs better care and attention.

Solid Maintenance Principles are timeless

Wayne Long, VP of BE & K congratulates Idcon CEO, Christer Idhammar about an article Christer wrote 15 years ago. This article deplored the use of setting up intricate leak collection systems, when the energies needed to placed on correcting the leaks. If you look closely above their heads, you will see a 5 gallon plastic container strategically placed at the Cleveland Convention Center to collect leaks. Several containers had custom built water hoses connected to sealed 50 gallon trash cans with valves attached to pump out the collected water.

It was quite ironic to uncover numerous examples of deferred maintenance while attending the recent Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professional Conference, It was a reminder to attendees that although their facilities may be leaders in practicing proactive maintenance and reliability systems, the general public is still stuck in the past.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Unbelieveable News: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Plays the Maintenance Crisis Song

Believe it or not, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame played the Maintenance Crisis Song. Above is a video of a staff member holding Joel Leonard's phone where they took the output and shared the song with attendees.


Monday, October 27, 2008

SkillTV Fans and Potential Resources

These weekend hobbiests enjoy flying remote control aircraft. As they are playing, they are also building numerous transferable skills that employers could leverage to monitor, troubleshoot and optimize the performance of production equipment. As boomers retire, these clubs can be great resources to uncover future technicians.