Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Deferred Maintenance is not Preferred Maintenance

Russ Kratowicz, editor of points out this homemade leak collection system. While this is an ingenious response, it does not correct the problem and actually continues the potential threat for black mold and potential legionnaires disease outbreaks. Hopefully the leaders will of the Cleveland Convention Center will correct this issue soon.
After attending the SMRP banquet in the music hall, this facility is truly a historic marvel and needs better care and attention.

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Keith said...

I just discovered your blog and am planning to put a link to it on a blog that our company (New Pig) will launch soon ( We happen to offer products (called Leak Diverters) designed for use in situations such as are addressed in this post. It's true that they are often used to defer maintenance, but customers tell us that they still need a good, safe solutions to do that and to avoid slippery situations and damage to inventory and equipment until they decide what else to do. That hanging bucket sure doesn't look safe ...

I don't want to promote our products as much as to say that I'm becoming much more aware of the issue of the skill shortage and will be spending more time at your site to see what information you've gathered. Thanks very much.

Keith Eldred
One of the bloggers for New Pig