Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Solid Maintenance Principles are timeless

Wayne Long, VP of BE & K congratulates Idcon CEO, Christer Idhammar about an article Christer wrote 15 years ago. This article deplored the use of setting up intricate leak collection systems, when the energies needed to placed on correcting the leaks. If you look closely above their heads, you will see a 5 gallon plastic container strategically placed at the Cleveland Convention Center to collect leaks. Several containers had custom built water hoses connected to sealed 50 gallon trash cans with valves attached to pump out the collected water.

It was quite ironic to uncover numerous examples of deferred maintenance while attending the recent Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professional Conference, It was a reminder to attendees that although their facilities may be leaders in practicing proactive maintenance and reliability systems, the general public is still stuck in the past.

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