Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where are we going to get more Willards?

It is with great sadness that SkillTV reports the passing of Willard Moore. He received the first ever SkillTV FIXIT Forward Lifetime Achievement Award for his longtime dedication to educating future generations of the importance engineering, how to use steam engines. We understand that a Willard Moore Memorial Scholarship fund is in the works with AFE Chapter 23 in Greensboro, NC.

Above is Willard demonstrating an engine that could actually power a pencil sharpener. He was famous for taking common items and incorporating into complex machinery so that those outside of the industry would be interested.

His passing marks the question, who is going to step up and educate future students? Should we pass on the baton or just drop it on them?

Hope that more will pick up where Willard left off and help develop more than just singers, athletes, but engineering leaders as well.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Maintworld Congress a big success

This exciting conference began in Helsinki and ended up at the Artic Circle. Above are leaders of ProMaint, MaintWorld, SkillTV to mention a few. Put on your calendar to join them at the EFNMS 2014. Nothing like going to HEL and back to sharpen your skills and understanding of maintenance and reliability performance initiatives that are advancing our business performance. With all of the world's disasters (natural and preventable) unfolding before our eyes on daily on news outlets, these conferences can be instrumental tools to solve the Maintenance Crisis.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Virtual Welding Equipment Flyer

Thanks again to Lincoln Electric for supporting this tour and exposing more young minds to potential of welding.

Virtual Welding Tour

Virtual Welding Tour Details-

SkillTV is supporting a Virtual Welding Tour of 6 Community Colleges in central North Carolina. This blog will be a respository of information to allow participants to see, participate or support in some capacity this unique event.

Lincoln Electric is graciously providing the equipment to demonstrate to new generation the fundamentals and skills required to become successful welders.

Tour Schedule
March 2—Richmond Community College 9am-12 pm
March 2 – Fayetteville Technical Community College 2-5pm
March 3-- Sampson Community College9am-12pm
March 3 Central Carolina Community College 2-5pm
March 4 Bladen Community College 9am-12pm
March 4 Robeson Community College 2-5pm

Monday, February 7, 2011

Want to get your CPMM?

April 4-6, 2011
Fayetteville Technical Community College
Fayetteville, North Carolina

Discover the power of the Certified Plant Maintenance Manager and AFE Certification! Whether it's effective management of your team, increasing your value in the marketplace or getting results to make your facility your masterpiece, the proven benefits of AFE Certification are vital to your future as a facilities professional.

The decision you make now will follow you wherever the facilities profession takes you. Make sure it takes you to the top.

Visit or call 571.203.7171 for complete information.
efficiency and productivity
and boost the bottom line

Certified Plant Manager (CPMM) Certification Review Courses are coming! Here are the Top Ten Reasons to become a Certified Plant Maintenance Manager:

10. AFE Certification tells the World you have the knowledge and experience to successfully operate
and maintain a facility
9. AFE Certification enhances job security in tough economic times
8. Companies value employees who proactively seek to develop their skills and expertise
7. AFE Certification lends dignity to what you know
6. AFE Certification is recognized by the US Department of State, US Postal Service, ARAMARK, Genzyme,
EMCOR, Erickson and many others
5. AFE Certification prepares you to Learn. Lead. Influence.
4. You can tell your boss: "I'm committed to my career - and to our company"
3. AFE Certification means you have the talent to increase revenue, improve 2. AFE Certified facility professionals earn $7,000 to $10,000 more than their peers

And the Number One reason to earn your CPMM?

1. What happens with AFE...Stays with you throughout your career!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Find Me a Maintenance Woman" Xtranormal Video

According to numerous industry leaders, the Maintenance and Reliability profession has only about 5% women workers. If we are going to fill the mass exodus of retiring baby boomers in the coming years, we better open the doors for the other gender, who also has lots of solid skill sets that could elevate our profession if given the training, and opportunities. To help break down the barriers for entry, Joel Leonard wrote these lyrics, Shannon Gilbert of the band 80's Enuff put them to music, and now Howard, aka MotorDoc, Penrose produced this Xtranormal video.

We hope you enjoy! Click on the title to download.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Introducing Deferred MaintenAxe

Click on link above to view the new Xtranormal Video. This spoof commercial advocates deferring maintenance. Feel free to share with finance and top executives to have lively discussions on these malpractices.

Friday, January 7, 2011

1-Up on the Maintenance Career Game

1-Up on the Maintenance Career Game

The following article article was written for us by Stuart Smith, MBA, MS. Stuart has over 20 years experience in running operations in mulitple industries and as a recent graduate student he has witnessed how training and teaching tools have changed over time. Stuart currently writes multiple blogs of Mintek about EAM and CMMS software solutions.

Did your career counselor forget to tell you about a career in maintenance? Perhaps, they were thinking of tool belts, t-shirts, a pencil in the ear and a lunch pail
where workers performed simple tasks such as pushing a broom or swishing a mop.

It is true these jobs exist, but the world of maintenance has changed in the last 15-20 years. The maintenance technology dreamed of back in the 90's is now a reality. Maintenance
professionals are responsible for equipment that can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Are You Prepared for Awesomeness

For years, the lack of awesomeness, has plagued industries who need skilled professional maintenance staff to maintain high dollar assets using available technology.
With a blue collar image, the public perception of maintenance professionals has not been one of high-end sports cars or styled living.

Without sexiness, industry, facility, municipal and property managers across most organizations have seen the average age of maintenance professionals climb into
their 50's. This has the potential to cripple businesses because maintenance professionals are expected to retire in great numbers over the next 10 years leading to a maintenance crisis.

Once retired, the knowledge base of the maintenance professional is lost forever unless the organization is making use of an
EAM or CMMS to record all historical maintenance activity. Workforce development using knowledge transfer has become a significant concern to many industries.

Lasers, Infrared, 3D: Not just for Gaming

There are great reasons why a maintenance career is the way to go. High dollar assets are requiring maintenance using a variety of new technologies such as:

  • Infrared Thermography: High tech cameras used to detect thermal variations that might contribute to asset failure or energy efficiency declines.

  • Laser Shaft Alignment: Make use of lasers to align two machines connected through a shaft. Poor alignment leads to energy waste and a shorter useful lifecycle.

  • Vibration Analysis: Vibrating equipment is generally not a good thing and not all vibrations can be felt or heard by the human ear. Makes uses of the physics of sound.

  • Ultrasound technology: Used in the detection of leaks and the early wear of asset components.

The organization, planning and execution of work order lifecycle is handled by sophisticated but user friendly CMMS software. The days of pencil and clipboard are being banished to the
land of "cords" and replaced with skilled mobile professionals wielding wireless handheld devices checking out the latest predictive maintenance (PDM) results and then plotting a course of action.

When the inspections or PDM results indicate a need for preventive maintenance or repair, maintenance teams can call upon their training that was conducted in graphic 3D sessions. This type of training was only dreamed about 20 years ago. The following video demonstrates how military simulation training is now affordable to facilities in all industries.

Professional Visibility

Maintenance careers are more attractive than ever before. The role that asset and maintenance management is playing in businesses has never been more important. Good asset and maintenance management is the financial margin difference between growing a business and business failure. Some other benefits of a career in maintenance include but are not limited to:

  • Asset failure can lead to major unplanned capital budget expenditures. If you can prevent this from happening you will be a hero.

  • Learning and training on new technologies is a transferable skill set enabling skilled maintenance professionals to be very marketable both domestically and internationally.

  • Global presence. Many industrial firms are international. If you become the best, doors may open to traveling around the globe as the person they rely upon to fix problems and help train others.

  • Constant access to new technology. The dream maintenance technology of today is will be the reality of the next decade. Be on the leading edge of change.

  • Career tracking is high. The natural progression from maintenance staff is into asset and maintenance management developing and planning asset lifecycles, capital budgeting, vendor management.

Find out more about maintenance training, careers and the latest news at

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Join Joel in Hel

Helsinki, that is!

Competitiveness from Assets
March 22nd–24th, 2011
Helsinki, Finland

Industrial Assets in Europe are ageing due to the low level of investments. The question is how to keep European production competitive compared to the emerging countries. The key is to optimise asset management actions and to ensure maximum overall equipment efficiency by systematic and planned maintenance.

Helsinki Exhibition Centre will be hosting the first International MaintWorld Congress, focusing on current issues in Maintenance and Asset Management from both the business and technological points of view. The congress will be organized in conjunction with Industrial Services 2011 exhibition, the most important biannual event within the area. The organizer of the congress is MaintWorld magazine with the key partners being European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS) and Finnish Maintenance Society Promaint. The exhibition will be organised by Expomark Oy.

The First International MaintWorld Congress will be covering the big question from all angles. About 40 acknowledged speakers around the globe will be sharing their views and visions for the future.

Call for Speakers

Next Euromaintenance Conference and Exhibition will take place in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, in May 2012.

Enjoy Belgrade and learn from skilled maintenance managers how to improve and implement maintenance strategies using lean management tools, how to decrease total manufacturing cost by increasing production reliability and how to set up good services and partnerships that really work within the challenges of sustainable development.

Euromaintenance 2012 is the ideal occasion to listen to various experienced top speakers and to share knowledge with them. This international event will brought on important issues of our community with purpose to stimulate reflection and debate on both the challenges and the solutions. It is not only an informational gathering, but strong opportunity for business networking. Euromaintenance 2012 is a must for everyone dedicated to industrial maintenance!

Belgrade's strategic geographic location, economic potential, infrastructure, workforce, quality of life and potential for further development have earned the title - Southeastern European City of the Future. Known as the gate to the east and door to the west, Belgrade exhibits an eclectic fusion of eastern and western cultures.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Maintenance Poem

This is the best Christmas present I got this year.

Hope you enjoy and use this Maintenance Poem:

Jotun maintenance poem…………..

So Maintenance is a cost, so you say,
Please look at things, another way,
With maintenance correct, your systems run fine.
There are great reductions, in your breakdown time.
So if you are talking, just maintenance cost.
Think of those breakdowns, and what you have lost.
Production, a deadline, maybe a customer too,
Surely you see, that’s a bigger cost to you.
So now let’s consider, our CMMS,
On its own it’s something, but still not the best.
However, with planned, and predictive maintenance as well,
It’s sure to reduce, all that production breakdown hell.
Then train our operators, on what parts to clean,
Autonomous maintenance, now is that so obscene
Machinery do they know, what operating parameters are set
I’m sure if you ask them, they will say NO, that’s a bet.
So in conclusion, hopefully you can see,
Maintenance as a cost, a complete fallacy
But to optimise it fully, we need a different attack,
With correct tools in your toolbox, there’s no turning back
Train up your operators, these misunderstandings they cost.
Then between us all, we’ll reduce your running time lost
Optimise your maintenance, start your journey right now,
Its something to embrace, come on use your, know how.

Steven Minshall 2010