Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where are we going to get more Willards?

It is with great sadness that SkillTV reports the passing of Willard Moore. He received the first ever SkillTV FIXIT Forward Lifetime Achievement Award for his longtime dedication to educating future generations of the importance engineering, how to use steam engines. We understand that a Willard Moore Memorial Scholarship fund is in the works with AFE Chapter 23 in Greensboro, NC.

Above is Willard demonstrating an engine that could actually power a pencil sharpener. He was famous for taking common items and incorporating into complex machinery so that those outside of the industry would be interested.

His passing marks the question, who is going to step up and educate future students? Should we pass on the baton or just drop it on them?

Hope that more will pick up where Willard left off and help develop more than just singers, athletes, but engineering leaders as well.


Paul S. said...

Willard Moore was a great inspiration to many of us in the Southeast US. His positive spirit & "Can Do" approach to ANY mechanical challenge led him to the wide range of knowledge & experiences he had. He willing shared these experiences with all of us. He was gifted: a great teacher and a supporter of all things mechanical or engineering related, and an everlasting insipration to all of us, and fun to be around. said...

Thanks Paul S

Delighted that groups like Chapter 23 exist to perpetuate Willard's attributes to future generations of engineers. Without a new set of homegrown engineers the US will have to depend on eastern block engineers which may pose many serious security issues in our nation's infrastructure. Hopefully more US parents will encourage their kids to pursue careers in perhaps the unglamorous but very important world of engineering.