Sunday, December 20, 2009

Join Joel Leonard in Verona, Italy at EuroMaintenance Conference

Joel Leonard just got approved to present at the May 12-14 Euromaintenance Conference in Verona, Italy. And he is extending a hearty welcome for others to join him fight the maintenance crisis on the worldwide stage in front of thousands of engineers, managers, execs from all over the world. Flights and accomodations can be researched and reasonable, and there will sure to be some very interesting entertainment, food, wine, and most importantly valuable information to digest and leverage to maximize business performance. For more information on EuroMaintenance Conference check:
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Campaigning in New Hampshire

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While New Hampshire is no stranger to campaigning but last week was the first time that a southerner came to Nashua to evangelize Maintenance and work to resolve the Maintenance Crisis. With lots of boilers, compressors, aging bridges, tunnels, buildings, New England needs lots of maintenance and lots of future workers with average age of technicians and facilities engineers, managers being over 50, we must build a pipeline of workers quickly. Above Wayne Saya Regional Vice President for New England greets Joel Leonard and invited him to speak to AFE Chapter leadership at their AFE New England Board Meeting at the Common Man Restaurant, in a renovated 18th century building. What a fitting place to walk on the same ground that other US revolutionaries walked to advance competitive performance strategies.

Crossing barriers- Letter from Boston Chapter of AFE

Jeff Myrdek, AFE Chapter Secretary shares thoughts at CB Richard Ellis Sponsored AFE Meeting in Waltham, Mass.

December 19, 2009

Joel Leonard
Maintenance Evangelist

Dear: Joel

I have finally had a break in the action over the last couple of weeks since your event in Waltham. I want to send along this thank you letter on behalf of Chapter 37 for your speaking engagement. I have received positive feedback from our group and others in attendance. My goals in setting up this event were two fold, first I wanted to expand our membership base by offering a first rate speaker. Secondly, I wanted to provide a means of exposure for you to our area to spread the important message regarding your efforts and the challenges in the facilities profession. From my standpoint, both goals were accomplished.

He is a direct quote from one of the board members comments, “Joel’s disarming approach to address a complex issue was a breath of fresh air. He seems to be a lone wolf trying to get our youth to understand the long term opportunities and rewards of getting into facility work. We find the same issue in the trades. Maybe Joel’s next mission will be to promote the benefits, fiscally and the self-pride, that comes with blue-collar work. Too many parents are pushing children into white-collar jobs. A degree does no good if there are tens of thousands of people competing for limited work”.

I and other board members have always appreciated your presentations, this time your presented solutions and the interaction with the crowd was an added mix. I am also very happy that your commitment to an extended stay lead to additional time spent with the Region 8 Board. I believe that effort has produced benefits for both parties. We all look forward to your efforts of continued support to the Region as discussed during the board meeting. My only disappointment was that we could not get better press during your visit, an area that I do not have much background.

Thank you again for the commitment and service, you are unique, talented individual with a special gift, and I hope we can work together again on other projects in the future. I hope that your business continues to grow, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!


Jeff Myrdek

Jeff Myrdek
Chapter 37 Secretary

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Giving Thanks

With all of the discussion of disasters, maintenance crises, equipment failures, Joel decided to soak in some inspiration from a natural lake created by a meteorite millions of years ago called Lake Waccamaw and give thanks to all of those who have supported our efforts to fix the maintenance crisis.
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