Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fix It Forward Photo Contest News

We just learned that is not only providing a first place prize, a Gatorade Cooler, but also second and third place prizes: Tool Kits.

We also want to clarify: send your entries (only up to 3 per person) to by August 20th. Feel free to add caption to your pictures as that may add to the message.

Need ideas? SkillTV would love to see kids with tools, equipment, working, etc. Also we would love to see examples of generational exchange with kids and their mentors. Let us know if you have any questions.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fix It Forward Sample Photos

A Little Training Helps!

To inspire more contestants to help us Fix It Forward, here are pictures of 3-year old Baker Leonard getting a lesson on how to operate an antique coal fired steam crane from a seasoned veteran at the Southeast Old Threshers Reunion.

Hopefully, more will pitch in and help us connect future generations to the opportunities in Maintenance and Reliability sectors.

Cool Prize for Fix it Forward Photo Contest

Grainger is providing SkillTV a 5 gallon Gatorade Cooler to award the winner of the SkillTV Fix It Forward Photo Contest.
Please send pictures of future generations playing with tools, equipment, machines (please be safe) to by August 20th to be included. The winner will be announced on Labor Day.

Fix it Forward Photo Contest

To encourage more Reliability Pros to pitch in and share the skilled opportunities with future generations, SkillTV Blog will be hosting a special picture contest. Please submit your entries to by August 20th. Then we will allow viewers to vote for their favorite. On Labor Day we will announce the winner, who will receive a brand new Gatorade cooler (great for tailgate parties) compliments of Grainger.
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cruise-In showcases skilled talent and refurbished treasures

Each month the small town of Oakboro, NC hosts the largest Cruise-in Burnout in the state. During event, hobbyists show off their refurbished vehicles and socialize. Later several thousand people gather to watch the Burnout-- where participants drive their vehicles to a police officer. The officer informs them to be safe then they press their pedals for the gas and brakes at the same time thus driving their back or in some cases front tires into a ferocious spin. The friction from the specially poured concrete pad burns off the tire rubber thus creating a huge plume of smoke to the delight the cheering crowd.

Yes, this is not exactly intellectual entertainment, but it is more interesting than watching TV. What is even more interesting is that amongst the throngs of spectators and participants many of these people possess and raw and transferrable skills needed to maintain our reliability performance.

As opposed to paying thousands of dollars for advertizing skilled jobs, HR departments would be better served to attend a local cruise in where they could attract some very capable resources to help fix their businesses forward.

Happen to overhear 2 boys on a truck bed boast that they did not have to go to school this upcoming year because they were so bored they quit at the 9th grade. I quickly went over and informed them and their girlfriends if they were not pursuing academics that it would very smart for them to pursue some vocational education and gave them specific instructions on how to prepare themselves for higher levels of income. At first they were embarrased but after hearing me passionately empathize and offer advice, they and their friends for were very appreciative.

If more of us make the effort to bother, more of our youth will not get lost in poverty, drugs, crime, and be able to make a positive contribution. So what are you doing to fix the maintenance crisis?

Apologize if this sounds preachy, but as you can tell I am just getting us revved up to fix it forward.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Another Maintenance Pro offers tips

Mike Cowley, President of CE Maintenance Solutions took a few minutes last week on his vacation to share with SkillTV some his frustrations and ideas on how companies can better utilize maintenance. Tune into SkillTV in coming weeks to view Mike's wisdom gleened from years from working at food distribution, textile industry and from educating leaders in the US and abroad including stops in China.
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Want to join our family of sponsors?

If you like our content on SkillTV and know of an organization that would like to support our efforts to fight the maintenance crisis, please let us know.

Over the last 2 years, SkillTV has helped develop video tools to help showcase tactics techniques and approaches to elevate the business sustainability and profitability by providing maintenance and reliability.
We are planning on releasing a second SkillTV Enewsletter in the beginning of each month that focuses on automation and aging infrastructure while the one at the end of the month focuses on workforce development- recruitment, development and retention topics. That way our subscribers will be better empowered to address these challenges.
If interested just email our host Joel Leonard at or call him at 336 338 1011.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

How do we build a pipeline of future workers?

Again, Reliability Gods need your input. The feedback from the Ten Commandments has been terrific. Feel free to send more and under that same vein. What are your ideas on how we can develop a qualified pipeline of future workers?
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Crisis Corner | You have options

Crisis Corner You have options Plant Services

Hope you enjoy this month's Crisis Corner Column at the above link. Also keep on sending suggested commandments for Today's Reliability Pro.