Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SkillTV to attend FM Asia Summit

Beijing, China 4- 5 June 2009

The FM Asia Summit 2009 is the first International B-to-B Annual FM Conference in China and the largest one in Asia Region so far in 5 years. FM Asia 2009 attracts an exciting line-up of 500+ top-level regional and international Facilities Managers, Sustainability managers, Property Owners, Fund Asset Management directors, Transport Infrastructure, Corporate Real Estate Managers, Factory Managers, Airport Facility Managers, Energy Managers, Government Asset Management Officers, Facility Consultants, management IT & Software Directors, etc.
This event will provide Joel Leonard unique insight into the Skills Challenges worldwide and what Asia companies are doing to fight the Maintenance Crisis.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Maintenance Renaissance

Click title to read Crisis Corner article entitled Maintenance Renaissance. The picture above is the italian frescoes within the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology. Believe it or not most of that image is actually a flat 2 d image painted to look 3 dimensional.

You can also see the damage to these several hundred year old works of art caused by recent roof leaks. That is a true tragedy. We can get to the moon and back but we can't protect works of art from roof leaks?

Yes, we do need a reawakening or renaissance to address maintenance issues.

Dubeautiful Dubai

Click on Title to view this month's Plant Services Crisis Corner article about Joel Leonard's trip to Dubai. He is standing with the General Manager of the Malaysian Airports. Her presence at the Middle East Maintenance Managers Conference caused quite a stir and challenged area stereotypes.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Food-Borne Illnesses Stem from Maintenance Issues

Food-Borne Illnesses Stem from Maintenance Issues

ASHEBORO, NC (Feb. 17, 2009) – A leaking pipe can not only cost a company more than $100,000, but it can also lead to deaths from food-borne illnesses, such as salmonella in peanut butter.
That’s according to Joel Leonard.
Dubbed “The Maintenance Evangelist,” because of his efforts to increase awareness of engineering and maintenance fields, he has keynoted international conferences, written numerous articles for Plant Services Magazine and Canada’s Plant Engineering and Maintenance Magazine, been featured on National Public Radio, CNBC and UNC-TV, and is writing a book slated for release in spring 2009. In January 2008, he collaborated with Putman Media, Inc. to launch SkillTV.net, the first online video channel dedicated to discussing and solving what he calls “The Maintenance Crisis.”
“In 2007 ConAgra’s salmonella outbreak, the peanut butter issue was attributed to leaky pipes that caused contamination. On Monday it was announced on ABC’s Good Morning America that a leaky roof allowed bird feces to wash into the process. Now, that’s a good breeding ground for trouble!”
Leonard’s platform is that typically top management people do not consider the long-term cost of repairing and maintaining leaky pipes, valves and roofs. “They think the problem will go away. They don’t understand that by initially solving the problem, they’ll save thousands, if not millions, of dollars down the road. And in this case, it could have saved many lives and potentially kept the company owner out of jail.”
He says in his travels he sees this same philosophy worldwide. “Maintenance engineers are facing unbelievable challenges in trying to balance costs, productivity and keep the boss happy.”
While in Dubai in December, Leonard interviewed an engineer who is over the maintenance of 97 oil platforms in the Persian Gulf. Part of his job was to renovate and paint the pipes, to prevent them from leaking. An accountant wanted to “save” money by eliminating the $6 million paint budget. If the engineer had not stepped in and explained the repercussion of that decision, the new renovations would only last three of the normal life span of fifteen years – the pipes would have leaked, employees could have been killed and a serious environmental risk to the Persian Gulf could have occurred.
“Sometimes CFOs and CEOs just don’t think longterm. A little preventive maintenance today can not only generate profits but also save lives tomorrow.”

Monday, February 16, 2009

Have you seen the Maintenance Crisis Song Video?


NPR's WVTF to provide monthly coverage of the Maintenance Crisis

In an effort to cover critical issues that are largely under the radar, NPR station WVTF will be providing listeners monthly interviews with SkillTV's Joel Leonard. These interviews will be recorded and posted on SkillRadio.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

March 10-12 NFMT Baltimore Conference Register Now

3/11/2009 3:10:00 PM -4:00:00 PM
Fighting The Maintenance CrisisRoom Number: 341Presenter(s): Joel Leonard, HostSkillTV.net
More and more companies are feeling the symptoms of the maintenance crisis. Deferred maintenance is reaching chronic levels as current equipment continues to age. While sophisticated, new equipment needs more care, attention and custom configuration. Companies are struggling to find internal talent that has the skills and education to replace the retiring baby boomers. Attend this session to discover some proven solutions to this crisis, discuss innovative approaches to thrive in this adverse business environment.
Learning Objective:
1. Comprehend what is the current state of the maintenance industry
2. Understand the technical skill gaps of incumbent workforce
3. Understand where to find technicians

Friday, February 13, 2009

Making progress but we are not "Finnished" yet - SkillTV getting worldwide attention.

Attached is an email we received from Finland. Great to see that our activities are being noticed and hopefully emulated worldwide so that more parts of the world can fix tomorrow today.
Dear Joel Leonard

Thank you for your interesting information and congratulations for the great job you are doing for opening young minds to opportunities in maintenance profession. How to get youth to be interested in maintenance profession is a common problem in Europe, also here in Finland. Your doings and examples gives us a challenge for doing something similar. Let’s be in contact.

Best regards,
Göran Westerholm
President - The Finnish Maintenance Society Promaint and

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yes, We Can Fix the Maintenance Crisis!

Engineering and Maintenance Professionals:

Engineers week is coming up and most of us probably have not had the opportunity to speak to kids. I hope that you and other step up to the challenge to help us open more young minds to opportunities in the enginnering and maintenance profession. Feel free to use this powerpoint as a guide and feel free to add or modify to reflect your views.
To view the presentation, visit www.plantservices.com/Media/0902/Potential_Career_Path.ppt

Above is a link where I participated in a daylong career day. After hearing me give the 5 minute powerpoint overview about 300 8th graders got the chance to get on SkillTV. They had to stand on some bleachers to be filmed.

Well, as you know there is always “one” in a crowd. This kid at the end of video wanted to get on SkillTV at the last minute and runs up to the bleachers to stand beside the pretty girls. He forgot to focus on the first step and went flying head first into the gym’s concrete wall. He is ok and actually set up a great statement encouraging more of us to mentor kids (even girl crazy knuckleheads need mentors)

Thought you might enjoy the laugh and hope that you leverage that powerpoint to help us fill up the pipeline with future workers. Yes, we can fix the Maintenance Crisis!
Best Wishes
Joel Leonard

Monday, February 9, 2009

Economic Stimulant or Depressant?

Here's your chance to speak up.

As Congress moves forward on sacrificing tomorrow for the betterment of today, do you feel that the new package will stimulate or depress our economic future?

Here at SkillTV, we are delighted the deferred maintenance backlog will be worked down and that workforce investment act is funded and that green initiatives are finally given the green light. However, we are still concerned about the true economic impact.

Economists are all over the map on their thoughts. Often economists forecasting is flawed because even the most respected economists predicted 10 out of last 3 recessions.

So we would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on how this will affect our current and future economic prosperity and what can the maintenance and engineering community do to better the results.

Just email your thoughts to Joel@skilltv.net

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Overcoming Media Bias against the Maintenance Profession

Ted Natt, editor for the Sandhills Business Journal recently interviewed Joel Leonard at his home about the Maintenance Crisis. Joel returned the favor by interviewing Ted about why the media doesn't understand the value contribution of maintenance.

To give our readers a behind the scenes information below is a funny story. It is so hard to film without interference from the outside world. We have had challenges with ambient car, plane noise and not to mention the wait staff at conference clanging utensils and breaking down chairs.

But we never thought we would compete with a cat. Check out the TV debut of Katie the cat. Like a boy named Sue, this Tomcat was mis-sexed and was given a female feline's name. Katie obviously takes out his revenge by haming it up for the camera. He snuck in under Joel's elbow peers in the camera and then flashes his long haired tail to the lens at a minute 15 seconds into this video. Thought you might like a little chuckle but also hope that you enjoy this breakthrough interview that converted one member of the Press to better understand and appreciate the maintenance profession. Hopefully more in the media will follow suit and the maintenance profession will get the resources and respect it deserves.

Click here to see Musical on Financial Crisis

Believe it or not a German musician charted notes to financial graphs and came up with a new style of music. Kind of interesting and nauseating when you realize you are enjoying watching the US Deficit spending grow, unemployment rise, stock market tumble, meanwhile your foot taps to the tune.

However, it is great to see others use music to bring closer attention to our challenges. Hopefully, this tune will marshal efforts as the Maintenance Crisis Songs continue to demonstrate.

SkillTV goes YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Current.com and Myfacilitiesnet.com

As we know know from electricity, poor connections mean loss of power. The biggest reason why most engineering and maintenance do not have adequate resources, tools, support and respect, is the simple lack of connections.

Therefore to help mitigate this issue and to help resolve the maintenance crisis, SkillTV is going viral. We are in the process of unleashing our content from SkillTV.net to the rest of the web. We hope to connect more of the outside world to opportunites in the maintenance and engineering sector. Click below to see the SkillTV videos on YouTube.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Thriving Forward

Joel Leonard met with Council on Competitiveness President, Deborah L. Wince-Smith at the 2008 National Summit on American Competitiveness. She offered that as the world's economy grows so does the opportunities available for American companies. Therefore when others win, American do not lose. Check out this discussion on SkillTV.net.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Maintenance and Reliability taught at the University level?

Well they do at the University of Tennessee at the Maintenance and Reliability Center under the direction of Tom Byerley.

Below is the MRC Departmental Mission:

The Maintenance and Reliability Center (MRC) exists to advance maintenance and reliability education and practices within the academic and industrial communities. We create opportunities for member companies, students, faculty, and industry to achieve exceptional value through a comprehensive program of education, research, and information sharing. For more information on this unique program check

Great to see that at least one major university recognizes the value contribution of maintenance. To see Tom's interview with Joel Leonard check out the In Crisis Comes Opportunity section of SKILLTV.net.