Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Overcoming Media Bias against the Maintenance Profession

Ted Natt, editor for the Sandhills Business Journal recently interviewed Joel Leonard at his home about the Maintenance Crisis. Joel returned the favor by interviewing Ted about why the media doesn't understand the value contribution of maintenance.

To give our readers a behind the scenes information below is a funny story. It is so hard to film without interference from the outside world. We have had challenges with ambient car, plane noise and not to mention the wait staff at conference clanging utensils and breaking down chairs.

But we never thought we would compete with a cat. Check out the TV debut of Katie the cat. Like a boy named Sue, this Tomcat was mis-sexed and was given a female feline's name. Katie obviously takes out his revenge by haming it up for the camera. He snuck in under Joel's elbow peers in the camera and then flashes his long haired tail to the lens at a minute 15 seconds into this video. Thought you might like a little chuckle but also hope that you enjoy this breakthrough interview that converted one member of the Press to better understand and appreciate the maintenance profession. Hopefully more in the media will follow suit and the maintenance profession will get the resources and respect it deserves.

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