Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dubai me this and Dubai me that

As Joel Leonard is about to depart to participate in the 14th Annual Middle East Maintenance Managers Conference in Dubai, he is getting numerous requests from friends and family to Dubai them gifts. Joel hopes to bring back lots of videos, pictures, and interviews of this unique event in this idealic location. The only tough part is that is not far from Iraq, Iran and other hot spot areas. On his return trip back from Europe he witnessed 75 foot flames beside the Frankfurt Airport tarmac. Everyone was very hush, hush about the incident and one self deluted traveler suggested it was probably a training exercise. We all know that the government protects us from the real skinny to avoid panics.

Regardless, Joel is very optimistic that all will work fine. Please keep Joel in your prayers, and tune in this blog as he will be reporting as often as possible.

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dac said...

Hey Joel, its David Casavant at Workplace Safety Council. I think last time we got together was at NFM&T. You'll like Dubai, I've been there a dozen times and the architecture is pretty staggering. Be sure to go indoor snow sking!

I have a great article to share with you on maintenance and wanted to get an update on what you're doing at SkillTV.

Thanks - Reach me at david@wpsac.org

David Casavant
Workplace Safety Awarness Council