Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still wondering who that was?

Yes, that is Joel Leonard, host of SkillTV and international maintenance evangelist. They had a hard time finding a headset to fit him. He is really enjoying sampling the local culture, food, drinks and making friends from all over the world. Met several phillipino, indian, and others today. Joel wants to make sure that all of his friends and family know that he is safe and having a blast. Only wishes that too were able to join him. Tomorrow is a big day for Joel as he is going to be leading a day long discussion on Strategic Maintenance and how to incorporate maintenance into long term business performance strategies with over 20 Middle Eastern engineers. He is excited to be able to learn some of their processes and share the resources and information to help them elevate their peformance and status levels here and to perhaps help drive down the cost of oil even more!


Denny said...

well..Omar Sharif you ain't but I'll bet he don't know maintenances techniques like you. Stay out of the sand traps, I hear they're big over there! said...

Thanks Denny

Had an absolute Ball!

Call me sometime so we can catch up.


hamdanmcdar said...

hello there joel or old arab with that top it sure was good to meet you while in dubai and yes you look fine i invite you to move already and live with us here in the summer it is really a nice place swimming all day if you want. when you are here next time you have my promise i will take you on a desert trip on camel back ride you will like including a night sleep inside a tent with the group trip and will take you on places you didnt have a chance to see. also it is as easy to visit Bahrain and Oman as well as qatar and kuwait which are also very nice places for one day trips.
best of luck and wish you well in 2009 and your friends and loved ones. Hamdan