Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bye, Bye Dubai

Joel Leonard regrets that he has not had time to provide continual updates of his wonderful trip into Dubai, but will be sharing, pictures, videos and information collected in future articles, blogs and videos.

Joel was actually quite apprehensive about coming to the Middle East with all of the news reports and daily barrage of negative activities. He said this is a totally different world than America. However, when the attending engineers started divulging their frustrations about maintenance not getting respect, maintenance being a target when in an economic downturn, that maintenance people need more training and finding qualified resources is difficule, Joel realized well maybe a different part of the world but in the maintenance world it is absolutely the same the world over.

He was flattered to learn that new facilities director at the Malaysian airport came to this event just to hear him and has been following his articles in Plant Services Magazine and really is excited to implement these strategies.

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