Sunday, November 23, 2008

Maintenance Renaissance Launch Tomorrow in Milan

This week is the perfect week to launch the International Maintenance Renaissance and perfect location.

Learned that a young man of 17 years old died last week because a poorly maintained roof collasped in Turin, Italy. Also viewed a 500 year old fresco paintings that are fading away because of roof leaks that are too expensive to repair. It is literally a crying shame to see masterpieces deteriorate because ineffective preventive maintenace programs. There has to be some inexpensive technology to help preserve our vestages of the past.

Stay tuned for future pictures of the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology. This was truly a fascinating museum and a great inspirational tool to get more interested in engineering and technology.

Saw in the New York Times that Hezobollah has developed an army of future soldiers in their terrorist quest.

That is when I realized we need to create a Tech army and start young and get them active. We can build on existing programs Robotic contests, Youthbuild and Skills USA competitions. The world needs an army of technicians to battle senseless casualties caused by preventable disasters.

Yes, we have to do more to fix it forward and hopefully after this weeks series of events and the launch of PAS55 more will help repair for tomorrow. We need a new generation of innovations to conquer these challenges.

Hopefully, more will join in and step up to the plate to fix it forward.

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