Friday, November 14, 2008

SkillTV Launches an International Maintenance Renaissance

Believe it or not in Italy, they call SkillTV's Host Joel Leonard, L’evangelista della Manutenzione (The Maintenance Evangelist).
Joel says "with the struggling economies, demographic transitions and technological improvements, there is no better time in history for the world to wake up to the new realities of maintenance. With Milan being the host city that sparked the Medieval Renaissance, it is the ideal location to launch an international Maintenance Renaissance. To preserve and expand our economic capacity, we must fix it forward by waking up leaders around the world to the opportunities available with excellent maintenance and reliability programs."
So after supporting Amsterdam's Enterprise Asset Management Conference, Joel Leonard will be participating in a series of events in Milan for a Maintenance Renaissance.

He begins his visit by speaking at the Salteco Company's 60th anniversary party at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology.

Then he will be visiting several Italian factories and will be speaking to students, researchers, engineers and Italian business leaders at Intellimech-KilometroRosso. He is planning on gathering lots of videos, interviews and pictures of his travels.
Joel Leonard also stated, "We can not allow language barriers, ignorance, and apathy to continue to prevent our societies from realizing our available profit potential and we must inspire current and future engineers to help build a more reliable tomorrow as the premier engineer, Leonardo DaVinci did 500 years ago. "

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