Saturday, November 22, 2008

Small World Story

Hello again, this is Joel Leonard and I am to depart Amsterdam tomorrow morning to speak at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology on Monday and launch the Maintenance Renaissance.

As I was catching up on some work at the business center met Javier Valla, a GM Lead Technician from Fremont, California who is taking his first trip to Europe to recharge his batteries. He was busy searching the web to chart his trip and research the historical locations of old europe.

We got to talking. His mom was the first lady to pass the electricians certification at the GM plant and she was a maintenance woman and Javier is a maintenance technician who is looking to prepare for changes in his career. Although the current economic situation looks bleak, he has a positive attitude and knows that if he continues to elevate his skill sets to handle the new technology and he will have a bright future.

His mom Martha Quesada is now an electrical instructor at the GM plant and Javier can't wait to share with her the song "Find me a Maintenance Woman."

Stay as tuned we hope to post this video on SkillTV soon and who knows who else I might bounce into.

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