Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A family that engineers together prospers together

This is a family of engineers from nuclear, mechanical, electrical professions. This family, aka the Catapult Outlaws, loves to build catapults on the weekends. In fact their entry into the 2008 pumpkin chunking contest was designed during breaks at their church choir practice. They may be unconventional but they love designing, building and troubleshooting projects together. Their catapult will be featured in an upcoming SkillTV episode on Pumpkin Chunking.

It is amazing how much excitement and joy is generated by blowing up pumpkins. What is even greater, is that energy can be converted into interest into future engineering jobs. Stay tuned as we add more related posts.

We also encourage companies who are struggling to locate qualified engineers to sponsor events like these in order to identify potential talent.

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