Wednesday, March 18, 2009

News Break: SkillTV to Host Hottest Head Competition

In an effort to break down the silos of the Facilities Engineering sector and the public, SkillTV proudly announces that on Saturday April 18th in Asheboro, NC, we will be hosting the Hottest Head Contest. Infrared Thermography Experts Stockton Infrared will be taking time off from using their trusty FLIR infrared thermographic camera to monitor and diagnose circuit breakers, steam pipes and roofs to measure and compare the forehead temperatures of contestants who dare to consume "Liquid Stoopid" and other inflammatory hot sauces. See what happened to Santa above when he ate a cookie soaked in Hot Sauce. He couldn't wait to get back to the North Pole.

We hope that this event will help more understand the opportunities of predictive technologies and perhaps help inspire interest in future generations in the much needed Skilled Trades professions.
So come join us as we educate the masses and have fun too. By the way, SkillTV's host Joel Leonard will also be entering the Chili cooking competition with his concoction of Frangelica marinated Ribeye cubes, and special beans cooked in a gallon of Chimay Belgian beer and one bottle of flavorful Tiger Sauce mixed in.

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