Sunday, March 1, 2009

SkillTV Update:A little Chin Foliage, National News, Upcoming Conference and Congress

After returning from Dubai in December Joel Leonard has been hunkering down working to get his book on fighting the maintenance crisis out this spring. As a result, he let a little chin foliage grow out. Now since his beloved Greta has grown attached to the new facial outgrowth, he has decided to keep it, at least for a while. Don't worry the SkillTV logo will remain the same. And if you attend NFMT next week, you will be able to recognize Joel and give him your opinions first hand on SkillTV.

Thanks again for all of your support and feedback! This week Joel, possibly, will be interviewed by NBC and next week hopes to interview several US Senators in DC after speaking at NFMT in Baltimore on the 11th.

Background info on the background - Joel is standing in his backyard and behind him is a 60 foot high water tank that Joel and neighbors use as a backdrop to watch LCD projected movies during weekend campfires. Who said technology couldn't be fun?

Stay tuned as the Putman Media edit team will be unveiling numerous videos in the coming weeks on and we hope that you are getting some good info from SkillTV and having fun as well!

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