Thursday, March 26, 2009

Calibrating Aspirations to Real Opportunities

Post 911, it has been very difficult for kids to get an accurate understanding and appreciation of the workplace because security designed to keep bad people away also keeps away kids' ability to tour, see, and interact in a modern business environment.

Therefore they make career decisions based on what they see in school and TV, which as we all know does not provide the full picture of the business world. As a result employers who have real needs, have to turn lots of people away in search of qualified workers.

With the baby boomers retiring, with skilled jobs becoming more available in mass, yet the unemployment levels growing disturbingly high, it is very important that accurate information about the skills and attitudes required for more to reach success in this very challenging era be dispensed.

SkillTV just attended Technology Career Day at Guilford Technical Community College. High school kids from several area counties were bused in and were able to meet with numerous employers to talk about real, high paying jobs for those with qualified skills and learned how to earn those qualifications.

If more communities around the world invest more time in these type of efforts, then more of the aspirations of our youth will begin to match to the real needs of our employers.
SkillTV sends out special thanks and congratulations to the Piedmont Triad Partnership, GTCC, ISA, the MPACT Learning Center and all of the other organizations who participated in developing a very special learning event.

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