Thursday, March 26, 2009

Politics, Pumpkins and Awards, Oh My!

In this era of several hundred TV shows, thousand of online programs, millions of blogs, and other media outlets, it is very hard to make a lasting impression. So when you hear about people talking about an event from almost six months ago and then later learn that you won an media promotion from NC Press Club, you know have done something special.

Congratulations to Greta Anita Lint for taking a crazy idea and making it work by creating and promoting The Great Heads of Statesville Exit Poll.

On Saturday, Greta Lint and Joel Leonard (her creative department) will be attending the 2009 NC Press Club Awards Banquet where Greta will receive her 1st place award. Below Greta is on her way to share some unique economic development strategies with the World Bank.

As great as it is for peers to recognize achievement, the greater result from this crazy event is that numerous kids were turned onto engineering careers- now that is true economic development.

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