Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nifty Fifty Session for US Science and Engineering Festival

Hope more volunteer to speak to students and encourage them to pursue Reliability and Maintenance Career paths, so that we have a viable pipeline of future workers.

THANK YOU! From the USA Science and Engineering Festival Nifty Fifty Program

Dear Mr. Leonard,

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule Tuesday, March 13 to visit Patapsco High School! It was a great presentation and you were definitely a crowd pleaser. The students were engaged and inspired by the experiences and hands-on activities you shared. Your topic "Maintenance - Its Not Just Mops and Buckets" opened the students eyes to the desperate need and opportunities that are available to those who are interested in careers using science and technology. The use of the infrared camera and sound detector was truly the highlight of your presentation. I commend you on your high energy presentation and your ability to manage and engage the teens of today.
We can't thank you enough for devoting your time and energy to making this event a success and most especially for your stellar presentation. Your participation has been seminal to getting the festival off to a great start! The fact that you are willing to serve as a role model is so very important to bringing science back to center stage and inspiring our youth to literally reach for the stars.

I enjoyed meeting and working with you on this. Attached are some photos from the event.

Thank you again!

Best Wishes,
(on behalf of the USA Science and Engineering Festival)

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