Friday, March 9, 2012

India's first Reliability Maintenance Council is formed

Check out the link above to get more details on the newly formed India Reliability Maintenance Council- IRMC- Builds Capacity

New Indian Reliability Maintenance Council Forms

MUMBAI, INDIA -- When confronted with the enormous task of maintaining large, aging infrastructure and dealing with the equipment failures, production outages, budget cuts, deferred maintenance expenses, skilled workforce challenges and increasing inflationary costs, attendees of the “Fighting the Maintenance Crisis Workshop” decided to form the Indian Reliability Maintenance Council (IRMC).

The Engineering leader Mr. Sanjay Sorte says “IRMC forms to support the maintenance people who are fighting to get replacement for them and to create the awareness in new generation about maintenance. The motivation can be given to new people who think that the maintenance is a dirty job. We want to spread the awareness and the necessity of maintenance to the society and industries and we found that this is the platform to begin with. It starts with small group but I am sure one day it will be huge.”

This new organization plans to meet regularly to discuss challenges, tour industrial facilities throughout India and work to certify members. According to Mr. Sorte “This organization was created out of the frustration of lack of respect, appreciation and support for maintenance personnel and to help others realize that without proper reliability and maintenance programs our businesses and national economies will literally crumble before our eyes.”

Joel Leonard, a workforce development consultant based in the United States supports the board’s efforts and is connecting them with resources worldwide to help accelerate the growth and implementation of the IRMC. Leonard has been dubbed by American media as “The Maintenance Evangelist” because of his passion to elevate awareness of maintenance and engineering career paths.

Mumbai based JIF Communication PVT Ltd will be supporting IRMC by coordinating future conferences, workshops, certifications and industry tours.

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