Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Who will fill Eric's shoes?

Just got word that AFE Fellow, Eric Bergtraun passed on Dec 27th of 2008. A holocaust survivor, plant engineer and long time mentor to numerous generations of Facilities and Plant Engineering leaders, Eric Bergtraun will be sorely missed.

This small man with a very large heart, was famous for not mincing words and challenging others to pay it forward to future generations of engineers.

As more of the boomer generation retire, we need more retirees to step up like Eric did and provide leadership, mentorship and guidance to future generations.

And as Eric would passionately proclaim, "if we don't fix it now, what are we STUUUUPID!?!"

We need lots more future talent and more need to realize that they too can pitch in and fix it forward and pave the pathways that leaders like Eric Bergtraun blazed for us.

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