Friday, January 30, 2009

Converging Skills- Joel Meets with Technology Giant Robert Scoble

You may want to visit section In Crisis Comes Opportunity to view a discussion Joel Leonard had with Blogging pioneer Robert Scoble. Robert is credited for the advancing corporate blogging. Check his wiki at

Joel and Robert discuss educational challenges and the need for schools to provide experiential education and hands on training to fully engage students and to develop technical talents.

Robert is not just a pioneer but also now his name is now a unit measurement in the techworld.

Unit of Measurement
In September 2008, a website which calculates how annoying it will be to follow anyone on Twitter, invented the milliscoble unit of measurement defined as: "1/1000th of the average daily Twitter status updates by Robert Scoble as of 10:09 CST September 25, 2008." At that time, Scoble was averaging 21.21 tweets per day, so a milliscoble is 0.02121 tweets per day. A person with a milliscoble rating of 1000 will be as annoying to follow as Scoble.

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