Monday, April 6, 2009

Heating Up for Asheboro Chili Cookoff

Skill TV Host, Joel Leonard is busy getting ready for morning TV shoots for Fox and CBS Affiliates to showcase Asheboro Chili Cookoff and Hot Head Contest. They want to sample real chili, so Joel is busy concocting unique varieties.
Roasted tomatoes, garlic, onions in Coconut Milk to make extra smooth.

This chili will have 8 different varieties of beans, have dried pineapple chunks, chocolate, chipotle peppers, smoked sausage, and numerous intersesting items.
In case you are wondering what does this have to do with the Maintenance Crisis. Well, in part nothing but with the Hot Head Contest using Infrared Camera to measure forehead temperatures, Joel will have the opportunity to showcase to the public the advance technologies in the FM and Reliability World so that hopefully more respect, appreciation, resources, and future workers will be developed.

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